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From David Lutterkort <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] added Template subcollections to SystemTemplate
Date Tue, 02 Apr 2013 00:26:51 GMT
On Thu, 2013-03-28 at 12:19 +1100, Koper, Dies wrote:
> A bit of background on this patch:
> It contains my latest work on implementing cimi systems and system
> templates for mock and fgcp.
> It is not complete and contains some debugging statements. Its main
> purpose is to show you what I have and what issues I'm seeing.
> It applies to master (fcffad13e66175152cf8a43d615b79727902b5ee) and
> requires "[PATCH] CIMI schema: tolerate nil hash_map attributes" to
> solve a nil error for system templates with fgcp.
> Issues I'm having:
> (1)
> With mock, even unsupported subcollections are shown when retrieving
> systems. With fgcp they are also shown, and their href urls are broken:

This is a shortcoming of how we populate models right now - there's no
way to suppress collections that the driver doesn't support. In fact,
the code goes through great length to make sure we generate the href for
empty collections (since that href is needed to add the first element to
an empty collection)

The easiest way to 'fix' this for now is to comment those unsupported
collections out in system.rb.

A better fix is to add a mechanism similar to what we do for $select to
models; call that the 'exclude' mechanism. The various generate_xxx
methods should set the that exclude parameter based on collections that
are declared in Rabbit, but not available (Rabbit knows that, Michal:
how do we get that info out of Rabbit ?)

Similar to how CIMI::Model::Resource has @select_attrs it should also
have @exclude_attrs that are consulted in prepare and cause the
corresponding collection to be set to nil (which will remove it from the
XML/JSON output)

> (2)
> With mock (not with fgcp), when I list a system's volumes, its id is not
> generated correctly:
> d:\projects>curl --user mockuser:mockpassword
> http://localhost:3001/cimi/systems/system2/volumes?format=xml
> <Collection xmlns=""
> resourceURI="">
>   <id>http://localhost:3001/cimi/system/system2/volumes</id>
>   <count>1</count>
>   <SystemVolume>
>     <id>http://localhost:3001/cimi/volumes?id=sysvol1</id>
> ...
> That should be http://localhost:3001/cimi/volumes/sysvol1.
> Note my comment in mock_driver_cimi_methods.rb#system_volumes about the
> 1st arg I pass to convert_cimi_mock_urls:
>       #FIXME: with ":volumes", delete url becomes
> 'http://localhost:3001/cimi/volumes?id=sysvol1'
>       #with ":system_volume" or ":system_volumes", undefined method
> `system_volume_url' for #<CIMI::Collections::Systems:0x44fe338> in
> mock_driver_cimi_methods.rb:261
>{|vol|convert_cimi_mock_urls(:volumes, vol,
> opts[:env])}.flatten

This seems to be a Rabbit problem with the names of the subcollections;
somehow URL helpers for the subcollections do not get generated
correctly. Michal ?

BTW, attached is a patch that addresses a few URL conversion problems I
found in the mock driver; feel free to commit if it doesn't make things
worse ;)


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