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From Ian Main <>
Subject Adventures with oVirt
Date Thu, 14 Mar 2013 20:36:15 GMT

Howdy Folks,

As some of you know I've been working with heat + deltacloud to work
with various cloud providers.  Lately I've been working with oVirt and
have come accross a few issues.

The first is keypair support.  oVirt has no native keypair
support.  Myself and Joseph have talked with oVirt upstream and
it generally sounds very positive.  They are just starting a new
devel cycle and they say they will put it on the roadmap.  See also

A possibly more overarching issue is hardware profiles.  Hardware profiles
are rather different in ovirt as compared to most other providers I've
worked with.  Generally they just define 2 profiles, neither of which
really define anything specific, instead the user is left to define how
much ram/cpus etc they want at instance creation.  

I have been thinking about it and I really think this is a very
different concept/usage pattern from most clouds which in turn makes
the API generally inconsistent.  In fact, I think deltacloud should
define a set of specific hardware profiles and then map them to the
native versions as best as possible (user configurable maybe?).  Whether
these remain consistent with ec2 or are their own things is fine, but to
have a consistent set of profiles would make it much easier on the
API user.  Any thoughts on that?


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