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From "" <>
Subject Deltacloud Network API discussion
Date Wed, 27 Feb 2013 17:42:59 GMT

after today's Deltacloud Network API discussion and as general
information for anyone that wasn't on the call - we agreed that we would

1. fill in the spreadsheet @
(please feel free to change the table in any way you see fit -
add/remove columns/attributes etc). Please add details for the
particular provider you're looking at. Please give me a google_id
(e-mail) so I can give you write access.

2. Look at the level of support in the corresponding rubygems and work
towards adding what is necessary to implement the network api of that
provider (so rbovirt for rhev, ruby-openstack for ruby, appoxy/aws for
aws etc).

3. Add a (textual) description to the etherpad @ to explain any issues with the
current mappings - Dies has already started this for FGCP as an example.
Continue to look at the APIs and determine any issues/ommissions with
the current models and mappings.

4. Push all our current (pseudo) code to the fork that Michal made @ (ask Michal for details on
how to do that) to give us a single point of reference moving forward

5. Angus will come up with/clarify the scenarios we want this API to
cover (e.g. launch a machine into a particular network, list networks etc)

Next meeting is same time next Wednesday - if anyone else is interesting
in participating in this discussion, please let one uf us know (we are
using a google hangout),

thanks, marios

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