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From jvlcek <>
Subject Re: DTACLOUD-462 - a GET for an instance can fail while a different instance is being destroyed.
Date Mon, 18 Feb 2013 16:43:47 GMT
On 02/15/2013 03:43 PM, wrote:
> This patch addresses JIRA  DTACLOUD-462.
> The Indication:
> A backtrace was produced from a GET /api/instance/<instance id>
> The Problem:
> If a different instance is being destroyed during a GET for
> a different instance a backtrace is produced. This is because
> a query for all instances (vms) was being done. The list of
> all instances is gatherd, one instance is destroyed, then the
> list contained an invalid instance ID which when queried produced
> "Entity not found: id "
> The fix:
> To query only one instance (vm) when the instance ID is provided.
> Additionaly:
> During testing I discovered the MIGRATING status being returned
> by RHEVm that we had not been handling. RHEVm may have added other
> status we need to handle. This will be tracked in JIRA: DTACLOUD-485

I've NACKed this.

This patch causes test failures because the pre-canned VCR
test fixtures data needs to be 're-record'.


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