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From "" <>
Subject Re: Network API Models - RFC
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 08:48:12 GMT
On 13/02/13 10:31, Jan Provazník wrote:
> On 01/21/2013 05:57 PM, wrote:
>> [patches also available from]
>> Initial implementation for networks - in particular seeking feedback
>> with respect to models and how they 'sit' for vsphere/rhevm (I've taken
>> CIMI, EC2 VPC and Openstack into consideration already). Initial
>> implementation of 'networks' collection for EC2 driver (create, list,
>> show
>> and destroy VPC).
>> marios
> Hi,
> overall, the models in this patchset look reasonable to me. After
> discussing this topic with Heat/PM and some other people, here are my
> findings:
> 1) There are 2 levels of networking support we would like to have:
>   a) be able to specify an existing network (or subnet?) when
>      launching an instance
>   b) be able to dynamically create whole network/subnets or firewall
>      rules when launching a deployment (cloud formation)
> 2) For RHEV it is currently not possible to achieve 1b. Network creation
> is admin task. Nice description is here [1]. Good news is that RHEV will
> probably support Quantum networking in future, currently there is POC
> where Quantum network can be used as an external network in ovirt [2]
> (note that dynamic network creation is not possible in this POC too).
> Will do more investigation about Quantum plans tomorrow.
> Mapping RHEV networking entities to entities in Marios' proposal is a
> challenge. A user can just create VM's NICs for which she specifies
> network [3].
> Network model reflects RHEV Network.
> Subnet is not used in RHEV, some related info (netmask, ip range) might
> be fetched from host's NIC entity.
> Port is not used in RHEV, most similar entity is VM's virtual NIC (which
> is associated with a virtual machine though).
> When creating RHEV virtual machine, you specify network by creating
> virtual NIC for the machine in separate request. Also you can manage
> interfaces for virtual machine.
> I wonder if it makes sense to add another entity "VirtualInterface"
> which represents virtual network cards associated with an instance:
> belongs_to :instance
> belongs_to :network
> string     :name
> 3) Didn't look too close but for vSphere 1b features are not possible
> too - the networking model abilities are similar to RHEV. Though their
> virtual distributed switch and VXLAN support looks promising and I could
> be wrong. Francesco was going to look at vSphere closer so he might
> bring more details.
> I think it would make sense to implement step 1a for all major
> providers, this involves:
> - add network listing (so a user can list available networks which she
> can specify then when launching an instance)
> - extend instance create action to automatically add the instance into
> specified network (network name would be passed as another param)
> In the next step network model would be extended to support 1b for
> providers which support it.
> What do you think?
> Jan

Jan - thanks for looking into RHEV-M and for making these notes. We are
planning a meeting this Friday - 15th @ 1600 Brno time - most likely a
google hangout - for further discussion and next steps. It would be
great if you can bring your ideas and notes to this meeting. We can meet
on #deltacloud channel and organise the hangout there.

thanks, marios

> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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