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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Deltacloud 1.1.1, rc2
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2013 16:23:07 GMT
I am very pleased to announce the availability of RC2 for Deltacloud
1.1.1. The release candidate is available at

Please vote on the release candidate by Saturday 0900 EST (New York, US
East Coast, UTC -5 hours)


git tag: release-1.1.1-rc2
git repo: or

The major change for this release is transition from DataMapper ORM to Sequel.
If you experience any problems with upgrading, please feel free to contact

NOTE: The rc2 include 3 fixes:

* Fixed backward compatibility of HAML 4.0 (DTACLOUD-472)
* Fixed the json dependency (s/json/json_pure)
* Fixed fixtures for OpenStack

What's new?
 * Deltacloud
    - Added 'root_type' attribute to Image and HardwareProfile
    - Added the 'resource_types' attribute to Realm model
  + Server
    - Advertise :destroy_image only if backend driver support this operation
    - Added tests for deltacloudd launcher
    - JSON output now include :href attributes (DTACLOUD-418)
    - Fixed bug in JSON output in storage_volumes collection (DTACLOUD-454)
    - Added possiblity to specify an 'username' for 'run on instance' action.
    - Added JSON output for run_on_instance action
    - Don't advertise the 'root_type' if provider does not support
      persistent/transient storage.
 * Drivers:
  + Mock
    - Some buckets hrefs in XML are missing "/" and returned garbled (DTACLOUD-425)
  + EC2
    - Added possiblity to import 'key' (require 'aws' >= 2.7.0) (DTACLOUD-438)
  + Aruba
    - Renamed driver to 'ArubaCloud' (DTACLOUD-444)
    - Fixed in the 'savon' client
  + DigitalOcean
    - New driver (
    - Added hardware_profiles retrieval from provider
  + FGCP
    - Added support for :instance_count feature (CreateMultipleVServer)
    - Remaped instance error states
  + Rackspace
    - Fixed case when created instances are not returned immediately after
    - Added compatible hardware_profiles to image (DTACLOUD-439)
  + Openstack
    - Make sure we retain keyname when both authentication_password and
      authentication_key are present in driver (DTACLOUD-421)
    - Added :storage_snapshot support (openstack gem >= 1.0.8 required)
    - Fixed bug when we did base64 encode for :user_data in driver
    - Added :launch_time attribute for instances
    - Map Openstack 'regions' to Deltacloud realms (DTACLOUD-443)
    - Fixed several MRI 1.8.7 compatiblity issues (DTACLOUD-461)
  + Eucalyptus
    - Override the realms method (no vpc/subnets) (DTACLOUD-423)
  + GoGrid
    - Added compatible hardware_profiles to image (DTACLOUD-439)
    - GoGrid VCR fixtures update
  + RHEV-M
    - Advertise the :create_image operation only for STOPPED instances (DTACLOUD-452)
    - Fixed case when using wrong instance_id when performing operation errors
      out (DTACLOUD-457)
  + Server
   - Datamapper ORM replaced by the Sequel (
   - Added unit-tests for database models
   - Fixed case when the collection is used as value for $select (DTACLOUD-432)
   - Filtering of sub-collections now works using $select (DTACLOUD-431)
   - Fixed missing :href attribute for sub-collections (DTACLOUD-433)
   - Added unit-tests for the $select
   - Fixed case when CIMI database entity is created without properties (DTACLOUD-448)
   - Initial support for $filter parameter
   - Added support for 'initial_state' capability (mock driver) (DTACLOUD-447)
   - Renamed 'test:cimi:models' rake task to 'test:cimi'
   - Fixed case when we set CIMI properties on provider side
   - Improvements in how we handle CIMI::Model vs. DB entity
   - Added support for passing an 'realm' when creating Machine
   - Added 'updated' attribute to all CIMI models
  + Client
   - Added support for NetworkPortConfig and NetworkPortTemplate (DTACLOUD-409)
   - Added support for AddressTemplate and Address (DTACLOUD-409)


-- Michal


Michal Fojtik <>
Deltacloud API, CloudForms

Michal Fojtik <>
Deltacloud API, CloudForms

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