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Subject Refactor how DB is used in CIMI
Date Thu, 07 Feb 2013 02:32:14 GMT

The commit message for 2/2 explains most of what this is about.

Be warned: you should remove your SQLite DB before using these patches (rm

For now, there is no DB migration (which would mostly consist of rewriting
what's in entities.be_kind) I am all for not providing any migration, and
just have people recreate their DB, as this affects only the CIMI frontend
which AFAIK nobody is using in anger yet. We will eventually need a
framework for schema versioning and doing migrations though.

There's more to be done: it shouldn't be too hard to greatly simplify the
various *Template and similar classes, as they do little more than copy
attributes to/from DB entities. A little introspection could go a long way


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