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From "" <>
Subject [VOTE] release Deltacloud 1.1.0, RC1
Date Tue, 15 Jan 2013 14:11:14 GMT
I am very pleased to announce the availability of RC1 for Deltacloud
1.1.0. The release candidate is available at

Please vote on the release candidate by Friday 0900 EST (New York, US
East Coast, UTC -5 hours)

KEYS: (once mirrors update;
my key also available at )
git tag: release-1.1.0-rc1
git repo: or

This release contains new features and many bug-fixes. One of the main
additions is a persistence layer (datamapper) for the CIMI frontend,
allowing support of CIMI resources that aren't usually available on the
back-end providers that Deltacloud  interacts with (e.g. the
MachineTemplate resource). This is one of the reasons we have decided to
make the jump to 1.1.0.

For a full list of all changes see the NEWS file[1]. Some of the main
features/bug-fixes in this release:

* Deltacloud core server
  -better json serialization support
  -better jruby support
  -new segmented blob upload api (e.g. s3 multipart upload)
  -Make backtrace in console longer
  -better support for webrick as a server (when thin isn't installed)
  -new error state in state machine model

* CIMI frontend:
  -Persistence layer (datamapper) - support for MachineImage,
MachineTemplate, VolumeTemplate, VolumeConfiguration, AddressTemplate,
  -support for creating Machine using MachineTemplate
  -Volume creation with template and config by value
  -Initial implementation of 'attributes' in ResourceMetadata
  -Initial implementation of ResourceMetadata (capabilities) for Machine
  -create/destroy for volume_image collection+model
  -added driver and provider attributes to CEP using resourceMetadata

 * Drivers
      -EC2: Round down the float value of m2.xlarge hardware_profile
      -Adds support for S3 multipart object uploads (segmented blob
upload API)
      -support for object-store multipart object uploads (segmented blob
upload API)
      -added support for Openstack block storage volumes
      -Fixed typo that cause DC to return 404 for all instances
      -Report MAC addresses together with ipv4 addresses (DTACLOUD-376)
      -support user-level API
      -Keep reporting the MAC addresses when ipv4 address is ready
      -return IP address immediately; also add arguments to batch files
      -generate default instance name using timestamp if not user-specified
      -Switch to use json/pure in gogrid_client
    +IBM SBC
      -Make sure the hwp_id is not Nil when creating new instance
      -Fix reporting wrong hardware profile when creating instances
      -Fix for DTACLOUD-393 - setup of mock fixtures
      -storage_snapshot create/delete in mock driver

 * Tests
      -addition of test plan (resource metadata )
      -Adds API/black-box test for MachineImage create + delete
      -adding provider detection
      -check creations against what the spec allows
      -API Tests - adds discovery for URIs
      -fixes openstack driver instances test
      -Fix loading of require_relative on MRI 1.8 in test_helper
      -fix failing server (white box) tests for storage_snapshot
      -Enable turn for Ruby 1.8
      -Fixed require_relative issue in drivers

 * Deltacloud Site
    -Adds CIMI REST API and cURL Examples (incomplete)
    -update contact page with links to deltacloud community call

 * CIMI client
    -Fixed various compatibility issues



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