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From "Koper, Dies" <>
Subject RE: api test failures - how to resolve?
Date Fri, 25 Jan 2013 07:33:17 GMT
Hi Marios,

I've been working on getting the api tests to run on the fgcp.
It's been a good experience as I found some bugs/room for improvement
for the driver.

I have just sent a patch to the ML with changes to both fgcp driver and
tests that address most issues.
Please review.

May I have your feedback on the following:

1. With the fgcp, an instance needs to be started at least once (and
then stopped again) or else you can't create an image of it. So this
test fails. Do you have any suggestion how I can address it? There is no
API to tell whether an instance has been started once.

2. Storage snapshots assume there are snapshots present. I get an error
saying storage_snapshots must have some storage_snapshot elements
inside. I suppose the only way to address this one is to create a volume
and then create a snapshot.

3. Fgcp won't let me create an instance while another resource is being
created. I need to add some waiting logic. I have a patch for that,
which works for fgcp, but I'm not sure it adds inacceptable waiting time
for other drivers. I'll send it separately, as I don't want a NACK for
this one delay an ACK for the first one.

Dies Koper

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Koper, Dies []
> Sent: Friday, 30 November 2012 1:12 AM
> To:
> Subject: api test failures - how to resolve?
> Hi,
> I've run the API tests on fgcp, i.e. rake test:deltacloud:
> 166 tests, 1340 assertions, 2 failures, 8 errors, 43 skips
> I'd like your suggestions on how to resolve the failures. My goal is
> make changes so that a test run like this shows no failures for fgcp
> that it can be used for easy regression testing.
>   1) Failure:
> test_0001_must have the "state" element defined for each instance in
> collection(Deltacloud API instances collection)
> [d:/sources/OSS/cloud/deltacloud/tests/delt
> acloud/instances_test.rb:90]:
> Expected [] to not be empty.
> Fgcp driver requires to make an additional backend call for each
> instance in the collection, which caused http timeouts to occur with
> (big) contract.
> Therefore, the fgcp driver only includes state when a single instance
> retrieved, not for the whole collection.
> I thought that was acceptable, but here it says 'must'?
>   2) Error:
> test_0012_should allow to snapshot running instance if supported by
> provider(Deltacloud API instances collection):
> RestClient::ResourceNotFound: 404 Resource Not Found
> Fgcp only allows snapshots for stopped instances.
> I'll investigate the remaining ones tomorrow.
> Regards,
> Dies Koper

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