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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject [ANN] New database backend
Date Tue, 22 Jan 2013 11:39:09 GMT

As you might noticed we have recently switched from DataMapper to Sequel.
Both are Ruby ORM (Database -> Ruby class mappers).

The most important reason for this is lack of DataMapper RPM packages in
distributions we support and thus we are unable to produce RPM packages
of Deltacloud (1.1.0) for these distributions.

So how this affect your installations? Hopefully this switch will have no
impact on your setup and the transition will be smooth.

If you are not already using 1.1.0 gem (or GIT checkout), please rather use
the current GIT master (in that way you should not see any difference).

If you do use 1.1.0 or you plan to use it, please be carefull if you run
Deltacloud CIMI in production or something. The next release could change
the database schema a bit and you can loose some Machine attributes or
created MachineTemplates.

If you don't care and you use DC for testing CIMI API and you get some
weird database errors on console when you start Deltacloud API, you can do

$ cd server/
$ rm Gemfile.lock
$ bundle
$ rake mock:fixtures:reset

This should fix all the errors related to the database switch. However it
will also re-create the database.


 -- Michal

Michal Fojtik <>
Deltacloud API, CloudForms

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