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Subject EC2 driver import keypair - DTACLOUD-438
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 17:12:05 GMT

[ request came in a JIRA ticket: ]
[ patches are also at ]

This functionality requires changes in the appoxy/aws rubygem as well as on the
Deltacloud side. The patch here implements the deltacloud side of things. I've opened
a pull request against the aws gem on github [1] which will hopefully be merged soon. 
Until it is, you will need to build and install the rubygem from git://
as well as applying the patch here.

A note on the 'public_key_fingerprint' reported by AWS for imported keys (and keys 
in general): After you import a key - the fingerprint calculated by AWS will likely 
not match that calculated by you. This is because apparently [3] AWS report key 
fingerprints using DER format and not PEM. So for example:

Amazon reports fingerprint as                   ==>  7d:bf:c6:a8:44:9a:7c:92:81:bf:5a:a9:37:c1:94:da

But on your machine: ssh-keygen -lf  ==>  95:bb:22:bb:be:9b:a3:15:00:fb:d0:a7:17:86:09:ff

The good news is that there is a solution [3] - but this requires access to the private key

(shouldn't be a problem - if you're importing a public key can safely assume you have the
private key)
 - in the following 'id-rsa' is the private key:

openssl pkey -in ./id_rsa -pubout -outform DER | openssl md5 -c ==> 7d:bf:c6:a8:44:9a:7c:92:81:bf:5a:a9:37:c1:94:da


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