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From David Lutterkort <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] * support: new directory to keep supporting files
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2013 14:56:55 GMT
On Thu, 2013-01-24 at 10:09 +0200, wrote:
> When I killed the thin process in
> code/deltacloud/server/tmp/pids/, this killed both the server
> processes (dev and api). I understand that 'dev' corresponds to
> and 'prod' script corresponds to
> but couldn't see this separation. Similarly, once I ran 'dev' - this
> made both api.deltacloud and dev.deltacloud available again.

That is very weird; the pidfile you used should have the pid of the dev
server only. And the dev script definitely only starts one server. I
can't explain what you experienced there.

We should probably use the --tag option to thin to make the distinction
a little clearer in ps.

> WRT to the cron job - do we really want to restart the server every half
> hour? I was thinking more like once a day for example?

The crontab I included would restart dev once an hour at 30 minutes past
the hour - I figure we'll try those frequent restarts and then see what
breaks with those. If it causes trouble we can easily lower the


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