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From Oved Ourfalli <>
Subject Support working with oVirt via User-level API
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2012 09:22:36 GMT

I've recently pushed rbovirt a patch containing the support for working with the oVirt user-level

The difference is that the user-level API will show you only user objects (VMs, templates,
disks, etc...), whereas the admin one will show you everything.
Another difference is that currently rbovirt filters objects according to the data-center
which they are part of, but the User-level API doesn't support this filtering.

I would like the configuration of it to be somewhere in /etc (more standard from packaging
point of view, rather than from a GEM configuration one).

For now I guess we can just add the "USER_LEVEL_API=true/false" option in the config/driver/rhevm.yaml,
but are there any plans in the future to support provider-specific options somewhere in /etc?
(like the general /etc/sysconfig/deltacloud-core configuration file)

Some notes:
1. Once USER_LEVEL_API = true, even if the API_PROVIDER will contain a Data-Center ID, it
will be ignored by the oVirt engine.
2. The user-level API is supported in oVirt from version 3.1.0-3, but unfortunately we currently
don't support getting the RPM version through the API. So, we would need to have some release
note about that.
3. I guess we should keep the default to USER_LEVEL_API = false (at least for now), in order
not to break behaviour, although in the future I believe working with the User Level API will
be the common approach.

Technical implementation details:
* Working with the User-Level API can be done easily be passing "true" as the last parameter
to the ovirt client:, credentials.password, url, datacenter, true)
(default value is false)

Any thoughts/ideas about that?
How can we push this forward?

Thank you,

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