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From Dario Garcia Gasulla <>
Subject Re: Java REST Client
Date Thu, 20 Dec 2012 12:01:58 GMT
El 20/12/12 11:07, escribió:
> Hi Dario:
> On 20/12/12 11:50, Dario Garcia Gasulla wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm Dario Garcia, a researcher from the Technical University of
>> Catalonia (UPC). In a research project we are developing together with
>> other partners we are using deltacloud to manage connections to various
>> IaaS providers. For this we require a java REST client which can
>> automate the requests to deltacloud.
> awesome - is there any more info on the project (e.g. do you have a
> website somewhere?)?

Currently there's no web page for the project. Roughly, the project aims
to develop a system which recieves petitions from clients to execute
computationally expensive jobs on remote Clouds. The system, through
deltacloud and other tools, connects to various IaaS providers (clouds
or grids), choses the most appropriate one according to certain
heuristics (based on load balancing, price and system requirements) and
transparently executes the job and returns the results.

>> I've been looking for Java REST clients, and there is not a single
>> library which seems to be particularly appropriate. I also noticed that
>> there's a client developed within the deltacloud project:
>> I've already downloaded this client and I'm currently testing it.
>> However, any information and help I could get about it would be most useful.
>> My question mainly is, what is the state of this client? Which
>> functionalities work in the latest version?
> wrt to the 'state' - I believe the last anyone worked on this client is
> close to 2 years ago (that brave soul was Andre Dietisheim - I cc him
> here for any input/pointers he could give if he has the time these days).
> So I'm not quite sure what does/doesn't work there. My suggestion for
> now is to try it out. For those things that aren't working, file jira
> tickets [1] so they can be addressed. Even better, if you are able to
> implement the fixes yourself, we will be very happy to help you on your
> way (here/irc) ;) - on anything ranging from 'how to make patches' [2]
> to 'the layout of the deltacloud code' etc
> marios
Thanks, I'll check out those references.

On the meantime I wrote a first test to connect to deltacloud, which
connects to Amazon and then retrieves the list of images, and I already
obtained weird results.

The connection works OK, but I cannot retrieve the images which I own.
The authentication however does not seems to be the problem, since I
obtain a huge list of available images (some owned by Amazon, some I
don't know by whom) which I wouldn't get if the authentication was not
To do so I call these two methods of Class DeltaCloudClient:
DeltaCloudClientImpl(String url, String username, String password)

Any clues?

> [1]
> [2]
>> If I can get to use this client I could provide bugs reports and usage
>> examples.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Dario.

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