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From "" <>
Subject Re: Can't detach volume in openstack driver?
Date Thu, 13 Dec 2012 08:11:10 GMT
Hi Ian:

On 12/12/12 21:53, Ian Main wrote:
> Heya guys,
> So everything is going great in the openstack driver except I can't seem
> to get the detach method on a volume to work.  I always get a 404 error
> back.

I just tried this - it is working fine against the setup i'm trying
with.. (though you've already discovered the real issue - more below)...
these aren't working for you but for reference:

attach: curl --user "username+tenant-name:password" -H "Accept:
application/xml" -X POST -d "instance_id=815253&device=/dev/sde"

detach: curl --user "username+tenant-name:password" -H "Accept:
application/xml" -X POST

> 2012-12-11 16:55:02    DEBUG [requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool]
> "POST /api/storage_volumes/14/detach HTTP/1.1" 404 18
> I looked in the driver code and it looks like it wants an instance_id
> property set, so I tried:
> 2012-12-11 17:32:16    DEBUG [requests.packages.urllib3.connectionpool]
> "POST /api/storage_volumes/14/detach?instance_id=adffbebb-382c-4743-a61d-3736769acde6
> HTTP/1.1" 404 18
> Same idea.. I also notice that the instance knows it has a storage
> volume attached but the storage volume doesn't know the instance it is
> attached to.  Maybe a limitation of openstack?

right - so yes the driver wants the instance_id - because the current
openstack volumes attach/detach implementation isn't actually exposed
via Cinder but rather via the os-volumes extenstion of Nova. Like so:

attach: POST  v2/{tenant_id}/servers/{server_id}/os-volume_attachments

detach: DELETE

However, you don't need to pass this instance_id in your request,
because the deltacloud code tries to grab it - see
server/lib/deltacloud/collections/storage_volumes.rb lines 74 + 75:

 74 volume = driver.storage_volume(credentials, :id => params[:id])$
 75 @storage_volume =  driver.detach_storage_volume(credentials, :id =>,:instance_id => volume.instance_id,:device => volume.device)

i.e. we retrieve the volume and then grab the instance_id required for
the operation from the volume itself. So the real problem here is, as
you noted, that "instance knows it has a storage volume attached but the
storage volume doesn't know the instance it is attached to". So on line
75 above, 'volume.instance_id' likely resolves to 'nil'. I don't know
why this is the case on your particular setup. The quickest way to
resolve this is for me to have access to your openstack setup. Is this

thanks, marios

> Thanks guys (Marios ;-))
>     Ian

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