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From Mo Morsi <>
Subject quickly developing / testing tdl's
Date Sat, 08 Dec 2012 01:17:18 GMT
Aaron gave me a good idea yesterday. The script [1] which I whipped up
to demo deltacloud on fedora-devel [2] could be used to very quickly
test out templates on the cloud. (without having to wait for the long
image building process which takes lots of time and bandwidth)

The tool is pretty basic, it just sets up a cloud environment via
deltacloud with some extra info added to the tdl (the added fields do
not overlap w/ the existing tdl ones, so the templates can still be used
with oz / imagefactory as is), and runs a ssh loop to process the tdl.

The nice thing is I can simplify it even further very easily by removing
that ssh loop and simply using oz to process the tdl on the running
cloud instance. Essentially this would mean mycloud (the name can be
changed) is the simplest unification of deltacloud and oz

To prevent confusion, I propose we name these templates w/ the extended
cloud data,  "extended tdls",  or etdl's for short.

This would give deltacloud another use case and would make building and
testing templates for various purposes very simple and easy. Thoughts?



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