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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject Re: DC's use of CIMI extensions
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2012 10:53:36 GMT
On 12/10, Doug Davis wrote:
> All,
>   CIMI says:  Each resource in the CIMI model has an attribute called
> "properties." Consumers, when creating or updating a resource, may store
> any name/value pair in the "properties" attribute. CIMI Providers shall
> store and return these values to the Consumer. There is no obligation for
> the Provider to understand or take any action based on these values; they
> are there for the Consumer's convenience. Providers shall not add elements
> to this "properties" attribute.

So if I understand this properly, we should not add 'machine_image' and
'credential' to the machine properties if client does not set them upon
machine creation time or machine update.

I'm currently working on different scenario:

1. In Deltacloud API we have 'realms' that maps to 'Cluster' in oVirt or
   'Datastore' in VSphere or the 'Zone' in EC2 (us-west1, etc..).
   When creating Machine using CIMI, I was not able to find any 'matching'
   entity that we can use.

So we plan to use this 'workaround':

2. Consumer create a new MachineTemplate with:
   <property key='realm_id'>us-west1</property>

3. Consumer then create new Machine using that MachineTemplate

4. Provider then parse 'realm_id' property and launch the Machine in
   corrent zone/cluster/datastore.

Is this correct, or there is a better way how to do it?

  -- Michal

> DC returns for /machines:
> <Machine><property key="credential">
> key="machine_image">
> </property><cpu>4</cpu><operation rel="
>" href="
>"/><operation rel="
>" href="
>"/><operation rel="
>" href="
>"/><volumes href="
>"/><disks href="
> <state>STARTED</state><created>2012-12-07T17:53:19-05:00</created><id>
> </id><name>cimi_machine_from_templatejson</name><description>
> machine from templatejson</description><memory>12582912</memory></Machine>
>  I think these extensions need to be serialized as top-level attributes on
> resources instead of using "properties".
> thanks
> -Doug
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