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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject Re: A few CIMI fixes
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2012 14:49:33 GMT
On 12/03, wrote:
> ACK & pushed:
> On 03/12/12 09:54, wrote:
> > These patches address a few things I ran across running the CIMI
> > tests. Patch 2/3 makes cep_test avoid accessing the
> > forwarding_group_templates collection, since that makes the server eat up
> > all available memory (very unpleasant) - I am not sure what the actual
> > issue is, but it seems to happen before we get into the control block of
> > the CIMI collection; i.e., I am looking angrily at our middleware and/or
> > rabbit ;)
> Michal is chasing this - it seems to be very specific to F16 1.8.7 ruby

As marios wrote, this issues seems to be *very* F16 ruby (1.8.7-p371)
specific. I'm not able to reproduce it on F18 (rbenv 1.8.7) or OSX (same).

Exceptions seems to be random:

This is the same request (I just hit Ctrl+R in browser):

stack level too deep

stack level too deep

stack level too deep

There are couple more, I really dunno how to track this issue. I tried to
disable everything that touch DataMapper but still the same problem.

I tried to use Tracer (it usually reveals infinite loops/recursions), but
no luck either :/

So I desperately installed rbenv on that F16 box and then I installed
ruby 1.8.7 (CONFIGURE_OPTS="--without-dl" - this is broken on new glibc).
The I installed bundler and bootstraped deltacloud.... When I switched
to this version **everything** works!

  -- Michal

> marios
> > 
> > David
> > 

Michal Fojtik <>
Deltacloud API, CloudForms

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