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Subject Rev1 CIMI ResourceMetadata capabilities
Date Tue, 18 Dec 2012 17:26:20 GMT

Initial implementation/rework of CIMI ResourceMetadata:

curl --user "mockuser:mockpassword" -H "Accept: application/xml" http://localhost:3001/cimi/resource_metadata

*** Usage:

CIMI features go in deltacloud/server/lib/deltacloud/drivers/cimi_features.rb - defined in
same way as deltacloud features.

Example usage in mock driver:

 87     #cimi features$
 88     feature :machines, :default_initial_state do$
 89       { :values => ["STARTED"] }$     
 90     end$
 91     feature :machines, :initial_states do$
 92       { :values => ["STARTED", "STOPPED"]}$
 93     end$

NOTE: these may note make sense for mock (e.g. initial_states) but are here just for testing/example

*** Issues

imo CIMI spec not entirely clear/I don't understand how 'values' are to be defined for capability
(I tried following what is says for 'constraints' of attributes - i need to bring this up
in next meeting)... and I can't work out how to serialize them correctly using our dsl - so
the XML for example looks like (note how 'value' is specified...):

<ResourceMetadata xmlns="" resourceURI="">
  <capability name="DefaultInitialState" uri=""
description="Indicates what the default initial state of a new Machine">
  <capability name="DefaultInitialState" uri=""
description="Indicates the list of allowable initial states">


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