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From "" <>
Subject Re: CIMI: Adding tests following DMTF test plan
Date Wed, 21 Nov 2012 09:52:32 GMT
Hi Ronelle:

On 20/11/12 20:18, wrote:
> Hi,
> This is the first cut at tests following

excellent - great to see these starting to take shape - generally
speaking this is a great first cut.

>  - part5_test.rb will fail on checking status after /stop /start. I think this a real
issue as executing /stop /start resturns a 200 but the state never changes
>  - part3_test.rb just leaves a comment that Deltacloud CIMI does not support MachineTemplates
right now
>  - cep_test.rb doubles as part1
>  - part4_test.rb is incomplete - please see

fixed this - ready for testing please (patches at - I set jira to resolved if it
works close it otherwise reassign to me

>  - Tests are written to be run with the mock provider, as they stand, in as much as we
would need to include polling after a action is executed on a real provider. I am open to
adding this polling now so that the tests are compatible with all providers we test

right. well, we do the polling for the deltacloud equivalent tests (e.g.
for cleaning up created resources machines etc) so I don't think this is
a problem. I'm not sure what will be tested at the plugfest - perhaps
only mock (David's input required here).

Besides setting up the polling, another thing to do is make sure the
right creds are parsed from the config file (right now there is only one
set under 'cimi') - you could reuse the creds from the deltacloud
section of the config file. However you'd still need driver specific
sections under cimi for the 'preferred' bits.

>  - Comments for improvement please ...

I tidied up the 'check_cep' bit - since as you mention in your code
comments this code is a bit repetitive. See patch 1/2 (patch 2 is your code).
You can apply patch 1 ontop of your code. Basically I moved the 'cep'
test to the CIMI::Test::Methods in test_helper... so in part2_test for
example the

 it "should have root collections" do


query_the_cep(["machines", "machineImages", "machineConfigurations"])

and you can just include this wherever you need to check cep for
particular collections. This is just a suggestion, use/scrap/change as
you see fit.

One final note: sorry to be pedantic :( but we say this to everyone so
... can you please get rid of the extraneous whitespace? I don't know
what editor you are using but fwiw, if you're using vim - edit your
.vimrc file in $HOME to include:

#at the top
function Nukespace()
  let flags = 'w'
  if search('\s\+$', flags) > 0

map <silent> <F12> :call Nukespace()<CR>
highlight RedundantSpaces ctermbg=white guibg=white
match RedundantSpaces /\s\+$\| \+\ze\t/
autocmd BufWritePre * windo  call Nukespace(

so when you press F12 - it will clear all redundant whitespace - also
when you write a buffer to save the file. This also highlights
whitespace in white.



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