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From "" <>
Subject Re: VM migration restrictions
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 07:35:25 GMT
Hi Ron:

On 14/11/12 23:51, Ron Wurzberger wrote:
> I haven't used deltacloud yet, so I know very little about it. The plan is to
> stand up a cloud comprised of datacenters in various geographical locations and
> using mixed hosting technologies (VMware vSphere/vCenter, openstack, RHEV). Can
> a running VM be migrated from one datacenter to another programmatically? If

Deltacloud allows you to manage you resources in various back-end clouds
simultaneously, but also independently of each other. In other words we
don't address the issue of migration between cloud providers. It sounds
like the aeolus-project [1] may be more suited to your use-case. They
don't 'do' live-migration - but one of the subprojects, "Image Factory"
[2] allows you to write generic 'templates' of images that can then be
built as cloud-specific machine images and deployed as VMs in a given
cloud provider.

I cc Justin here who is community manager for aeolus - he can put you in
touch with the right people/mailing lists etc if you'd like to find out

I hope that is at least of some use!

all the best, marios


> yes, what are the limitations (must be within same datacenter, source and
> destination must use same hosting technology, source and destination mush have
> shared storage, etc.)?
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