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From "" <>
Subject Re: Openstack Driver Volume Implementation
Date Fri, 02 Nov 2012 09:35:44 GMT
Hi Ian:

On 01/11/12 22:01, Ian Main wrote:
> Howdy guys,
> So I've been using the openstack driver as a backend for heat ->
> deltacloud work.  I just posted a few patches to resolve issues that I
> have run into but I've now hit a more serious roadblock and that is the

great thanks for those but I need some clarification:

"Add user-data support to openstack driver"

in this patch - are you trying to add the ability to push user-data into
a launched instance (as opposed to server metadata, which is different)?
If you are then Openstack has a different way of doing this, called
'server personality' [1] which we already have implemented. You have to
pass a hash that matches the data you want pushed with where on the
server you want it, like: {path1='server_path1'. content1='contents1',
path2='server_path2', content2='contents2'}

When testing this against openstack@HPcloud, I was able to inject data
but only into /etc (see comment at [2] for more info). As an example,
the cURL command for launching an Openstack instance via deltacloud,
complete with user data looks like:

curl -ivX POST --user "foo:bar" -F "image_id=foo" -F
"path1=/etc/my_file1" -F "content1=another test 1 here" -F
"path2=/etc/anotherfile" -F "content2=this is a test"

> lack of volume support for openstack.

great - this is something i've been meaning to do for a while. But
again, need some clarification/info. Until now, there is no mention of
'Volumes' in the Nova 'API Proper' [3]. It *has* been available as an
API extension. This is not a problem as I've already implemented other
extensions such as 'floating IPs' and 'keypairs' for the Openstack
rubygem [4]. However, I am also aware that there is a 'new' service
called 'Cinder' which is meant to be the 'Volume API'. I suspect that
what was formerly an extension has now (in folsom?) become the seperate
'cinder' aka 'Volume' service - though the API is not yet available at
[5]. So my question is - what are you using? Have you deployed the
Volume service (I guess this is the case but I need to know so I can
proceed for implementation),

thanks! marios






> In heat we do create:
>     vol = self.nova('volume').volumes.create(['Size'],
>                     display_name=self.physical_resource_name(),
>                     display_description=self.physical_resource_name())
> Check state and delete:
>     vol = self.nova('volume').volumes.get(self.instance_id)
>     if vol.status == 'in-use':
>         logger.warn('cant delete volume when in-use')
>         raise exception.Error("Volume in use")
>     self.nova('volume').volumes.delete(self.instance_id)
> Attachment with verify:
>     va = volapi.create_server_volume(server_id=server_id,
>                                      volume_id=volume_id,
>                            ['Device'])
>     vol = self.nova('volume').volumes.get(
>     while vol.status == 'available' or vol.status == 'attaching':
>         eventlet.sleep(1)
>         vol.get()
>     if vol.status == 'in-use':
>         self.instance_id_set(
> Removal and verify:
>     volapi.delete_server_volume(server_id,
>                                 volume_id)
>     vol = self.nova('volume').volumes.get(volume_id)
>'un-attaching %s, status %s' % (volume_id, vol.status))
>     while vol.status == 'in-use':
>'trying to un-attach %s, but still %s' %
>                     (volume_id, vol.status))
>         eventlet.sleep(1)
>         try:
>             volapi.delete_server_volume(server_id,
>                                         volume_id)
> This can all be found in the
> I'm going to be out of the office Friday & Monday so if anyone has a chance to
> look at this during that time, that'd be great!
> Thanks!
>         Ian

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