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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Release Deltacloud API 1.0.5
Date Thu, 15 Nov 2012 14:34:41 GMT
Hi all,

I am pleased to announce the release of Deltacloud 1.0.5. The release is
available from It will be
available from in the next day or two.

(Please note that Apache mirrors need some time to properly sync the
 site update and downloads)


git tag: release-1.0.5

git repo: git:// or

This is a bugfix release. Changes in this release:

 * Server
   - Added possibility to log into a file (deltacloudd -L option)
   - Various fixes and improvements in logging errors
   - Advertise operation and parameters for features (/api)
   - Fixed memory leak (DTACLOUD-347)

 * Drivers
   + Aruba
     - Updated API URLs
   + FGCP
     - Added possibility to filter instances by realm_id
     - Fixed certificate location
   + OpenStack
     - Set hardware profile name to OpenStack flavor name
     - Fixed .id vs .name issues in create_instance
     - Added support for user_data
     - DTACLOUD-316, DTACLOUD_328
   + VSphere
     - Report instance launch_time properly
     - Report time of image creation
   + RHEV-M
     - Report time of image creation

 * CIMI frontend
   - Added support for Collections
   - Added support for embedded collections (Machine.disks,
   - Added initial support for $expand
   - Many improvements to CIMI tests
   - Fixed parsing of JSON HTTP body when creating Machine
   - Set default content type for CIMI responses
   - Added support for $select to Collections
   - Fixed order of top-level resources
   - Fixed numerous CIMI 1.0 compatibility issues
   - Various JIRA fixes: DTACLOUD-350, DTACLOUD-349
 * CIMI client
   - Fixed various compatibility issues

 * EC2 frontend
   - Allow to pass user_data to RunInstances (thanks to Oved Ourfali)



Michal Fojtik

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