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Subject CIMI: Adding tests following DMTF test plan
Date Tue, 20 Nov 2012 18:18:56 GMT

This is the first cut at tests following

 - part5_test.rb will fail on checking status after /stop /start. I think this a real issue
as executing /stop /start resturns a 200 but the state never changes
 - part3_test.rb just leaves a comment that Deltacloud CIMI does not support MachineTemplates
right now
 - cep_test.rb doubles as part1
 - part4_test.rb is incomplete - please see
 - Tests are written to be run with the mock provider, as they stand, in as much as we would
need to include polling after a action is executed on a real provider. I am open to adding
this polling now so that the tests are compatible with all providers we test
 - Comments for improvement please ...

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