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From Oved Ourfalli <>
Subject Supporting oVirt in System scope
Date Wed, 14 Nov 2012 10:18:14 GMT

Currently, when using deltacloud on top of ovirt, the scope of each request is the Data-Center
that's defined either in API_PROVIDER or in the 'X-Deltacloud-Provider' HTTP header.

>From a user's perspective, it is more important to see its objects in the entire ovirt
engine system, rather then seeing the objects in a specific DC.

IMO, the solution to support both system and DC scope should be done according to the API_PROVIDER/X-Deltacloud-Provider
value, as follows:
1. DC-scope when the value contains the DC-id, for example API_PROVIDER="http://server:8080/api;79221158-0d50-11e2-a8af-17acc9433061"
2. System scope when the value only contains the API entry point, for example API_PROVIDER="http://server:8080/api"

Looking at the rbovirt code (the project we use in the ovirt driver), it looks like using
a "search" option in the driver code when calling the different rbovirt api calls, will use
a different search query instead of using the "datacenter=..." one.
This will cover all current use-cases, besides the "get clusters" call, which makes sure the
cluster is part of the datacenter in the rbovirt code.
(Which means there will be only one change needed in rbovirt, as far as I understand from
reviewing the code).

Any thoughts about that?
Shall I open a JIRA on that for tracking/discussion?

Thank you,

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