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From DANG TRAN Frederic <>
Subject CIMI front-end problems
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 17:58:21 GMT

I've been testing the CIMI frontend API of DC (latest code from git) with the mock and ec2
Below is  a summary of  the problems I encountered wrt to compliance with the CIMI 1.0 specification
(+couple of DC errors).
As far as CIMI networking abstractions are concerned, how do you plan to map them on top of
the EC2 network model ?
Wil there be one public CIMI network and one CIMI private network for an EC2 account ?
Will you create 2 Network Interfaces by default for a machine when no NIC is provided in the
MachineTemplate received as input ?

Frederic Dang Tran
Orange Labs

Collection-related problems:

* missing resourceURI attribute in XML and JSON collections
* obsolete "name", "description" elements in collections
* missing "add" operation in Machine/Volume/... collections 
* some collections returned by DC are fully expanded by default. For example the machines
returned within a collection of machines have their disks and volumes collections expanded.
* when a collection returned by DC contains no element, the "count" property is missing

Misc serialization issues wrt CIMI 1.0:

* non-integer machine memory capacity, e.g.  <memory>1782579.2</memory>
* missing mandatory "format" attribute in MachineConfiguration
* xml serialization of MachineConfiguration:  wrong ordering of elements: "memory" should
follow "cpu"
* Volume:  missing "state" and "type" properties, obsolete "guestInterface" and "supportsSnapshots"
* VolumeConfiguration:  obsolete "supportsSnapshots", not-1.0-compliant serialization of "capacity"
* Missing "delete" operation in Machine
* non-CIMI Machine state "PENDING" 
* missing Location header in HTTP response returned when creating a Machine
* mock driver: ends up as the description of the created machine instead
of its name
* ec2 driver: ignored
* MachineCreate.description and properties ignored	

DC internal errors
-when creating a Machine with this json request (ec2 driver), works fine in xml:
{"name":"ZZZZ","description":"a zzz","properties":{"color":"blue"},"machineTemplate":{"machineConfig":{"href":"http://localhost:3001/cimi/machine_configurations/t1.micro"},"machineImage":{"href":"http://localhost:3001/cimi/machine_images/ami-05da696c"}}}

-when invoking a GET on an existing machine in json:   "backend_error","message":"can't convert
Time into String"

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