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From Xavier Naveira <>
Subject Re: VMWare vlan choice
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2012 06:05:12 GMT

In my case I only have one NIC connected to one VLAN per machine, it is 
a pretty simple configuration. The problem comes from the quantity of 
nodes and vlans, the tool I'm building is supposed to rapidly deploy a 
configuration set of 48 machines, every set is connected to its own 
VLAN, this is, those 48 machines are all connected to it, and we are 
planning to have, at least in the beginning, like 20-30 such sets at any 
given time, maybe more in the future. The number of templates I would 
need to create and maintain (if I choose to control the vlan the 
machines are connected to via having templates for them with that 
configuration) grows too much to be viable.

For me, a simple extra parameter when cloning an image or an extra 
method that allows me to change the network on an instance should be fine.


On 10/05/2012 10:56 PM, David Lutterkort wrote:
> On Fri, 2012-10-05 at 14:12 +0200, Xavier Naveira wrote:
>> I was suggested by marios on the irc channel to post my question/feature
>> request here.
>> I need to be able to create a number of machines in different vlans via
>> deltacloud-vmware
>> Until now what I've been doing is to have one VMWare template for every
>> vlan and then creating machines on that vlan by cloning the
>> corresponding template.
>> The problem is that if the number of vlans is elevated the update and
>> management of the templates becomes complicated.
>> I would like to be able to specify the destination vlan of the clone
>> instead so I would only need to have one template. Both specifying the
>> vlan on instance creation or afterwards would work for me.
>> Let me know if there is anything I can help you with regarding this
>> question.
> We've done something like this for EC2, where we list subnets in VPC's
> as separate realms, and you can launch instance's into these subnets by
> selecting the appropriate realm.
> I am not sure if this would be a good solution for vSphere; depends,
> e.g. on how many vlans people typically have. We could of course also go
> to managing networks explicitly and making 'network' an add'l parameter
> for the create instance call.
> Do the VM's you launch into a vlan only have one NIC, or is it necessary
> to talk about multiple NIC's and connect those to different vlans ?
> David

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