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Subject RFC: embedded CIMI collections
Date Sat, 06 Oct 2012 00:52:04 GMT

These series of patches adds support for embedded collections for CIMI
models. It's not quite perfect yet, since it doesn't produce the exactly
right XML yet, nor is it possible to parse objects with embedded

The main reason I like this better than the way Michal did it is because it
makes it unnecessary to have XXXCollection classes for
collections. Instead, you can just write

  collection :things, :class => CIMI::Model::Thing

For example, for the disks collection in machine, we simply have

  class CIMI::Model::Machine < CIMI::Model::Base
    collection :disks, :class => CIMI::Model::Disk

The interesting stuff are the last three patches in the series. The other
ones can probably be acked and committed as they are.


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