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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject Re: Problem in deploying application in Deltacloud
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 13:46:05 GMT

On Sep 26, 2012, at 8:37 AM, Jeevan Rex <> wrote:

> Hi Deltacloud,
> I have created a deltacloud for my academic project. Initially the command "sudo apt-get
install libxslt libxslt-dev" failed to run and then I tried to install in this way "sudo apt-get
install libxslt-dev" and "sudo apt-get install libxslt" independently. But this "sudo apt-get
install libxslt-dev" was successfully installed but "sudo apt-get install libxslt" failed
to install.

The instructions for installing these two may be be outdated. Can you try to search for 'libxslt'

$ apt-cache search libxslt

This library is needed for 'nokogiri' gem to install.

> It said the package libxslt is not found. But I skipped those step and went on installing
the delta cloud. I started the cloud with the help of the mock driver and it was successfully
started. But I have no idea how to deploy a Java or JSP program in it. How to run a database
in those instances? Can you please guide me in deploying our applications in the deltacloud.

If you use just Mock server, then all instances are just 'fake', mean they are used for testing
and they
are represented just by YAML files.

To have 'real' instances you will need to use Deltacloud API with 'real' provider, like EC2
or OpenStack.
In that case the instances will represent virtual machines you can use to install the database
server or
deploy Java apps. Just note that Deltacloud API will not do any deployment for you, it will
just provide
you an API you can use to manage your virtual machines / instances.


Michal Fojtik

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