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Subject [PATCH core] Added README to server/tests
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 12:08:42 GMT
From: Michal Fojtik <>

* Directory structure organization
* Sample use-cases

Signed-off-by: Michal fojtik <>
 server/tests/ |   99 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 99 insertions(+)
 create mode 100644 server/tests/

diff --git a/server/tests/ b/server/tests/
new file mode 100644
index 0000000..28aa08a
--- /dev/null
+++ b/server/tests/
@@ -0,0 +1,99 @@
+Deltacloud API tests guide
+Driver and core helpers
+* drivers/
+This directory provides all **driver** tests. Each driver tests are placed into
+separate directory with the driver name.  Everything that does touch the driver
+API goes here as well. It's a good practice to divide the tests into logical
+collections, in this case to driver methods.
+Driver tests use the Deltacloud::new method to create new instance of driver.
+This method is usually called in 'before' block. Method does take two
+parameters: driver name and credentials.  You can then call the driver methods
+directly on the instance of Deltacloud::new.
+Some driver tests may use VCR gem to record and then mock the real communication
+with the backend server. In that case, the fixtures produced by this recording
+are stored in the 'tests/drivers/DRIVER/fixtures' directory.
+For more informations about recording, look into 'tests/drivers/ec2/common.rb'
+The 'base' directory contain tests for Deltacloud::Driver class and the Library
+* helpers/
+Deltacloud core class helpers (String, Integer, etc...).
+Frontend tests
+In addition to default 'deltacloud' frontend Deltacloud may also operate using
+different frontend. In this case, instead of exposing the DC API specification
+to the client, Deltacloud will provide its drivers API through different
+frontend (like CIMI or Amazon EC2).
+Some tests might use the Mock driver to call the 'control' blocks in Rabbit
+collections.  These tests are **not** driver tests, they just use the mock
+driver to make sure the Rabbit operation 'control blocks' works as expected and
+they provide expected output.
+* deltacloud/
+This directory provides tests for Deltacloud API frontend. It contains tests
+for collections that this frontend provides and also tests helpers that this
+frontend use.
+* ec2/
+This directory provides tests for the EC2 frontend. Tests make sure that mapping
+between EC2 actions and Deltacloud driver API works correctly. All tests
+relevant to EC2 frontend tests should go here. **NOTE** this directory does not
+provide Amazon EC2 driver tests.
+* cimi/
+This directory provides tests for the CIMI frotend. They make sure that
+JSON/XML serialization of the CIMI models works correctly. Also there are tests
+to make sure the output provided by CIMI collections is correct.
+Test scenarios
+Bug/feature in the Deltacloud driver
+* Scenario: You fixed a bug in EC2 driver, where images() method does not work
+            properly.
+* Steps:    1. Open 'tests/drivers/ec2/images_tests.rb'
+            2. Since the current tests did not capture this bug, go to the end
+               of this file and add yoru code there:
+               it 'should provide correct output' do
+                # assertions go here
+               end
+* Scenario: You added new collection 'oranges()' into RHEV-M driver.
+* Steps:    1. Write all driver methods tests here: 'tests/drivers/rhevm/oranges_tests.rb'
+            2. Create 'tests/deltacloud/collections/oranges_collection_tests.rb'
+            3. Write all collection operations tests here ^^
+Bug/feature in the Deltacloud frontnend
+* Scenario: The '/api/images/123/create' operation does not provide correct
+            status code. You corrected it.
+* Steps:    1. Open 'tests/deltacloud/collections/images_collection_test.rb'
+            2. Locate this line:
+               it 'allow to create and destroy the new image' do
+            3. Provide the correct value into 'status.must_equal' method

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