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From Daniel Molina <>
Subject Re: Poor performance with open nebula driver
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2012 17:27:08 GMT
Hi Marios and Christian,

Thanks for testing and debugging the OpenNebula driver.

On 11 July 2012 15:51, <> wrote:
> On 11/07/12 15:52, wrote:
>> Hi - I just applied Daniel's patch from this thread (its on list now for
>> approval). After fixing a minor typo it solved an issue we saw in
>> (errors getting a
>> list of instances).
>> I have two questions though:
>> 1. Is there a way to determine the version of ON you are talking to? If
>> I understand correctly, this patch brings us to ON 3.6 compatibility?
>> This is what David Lutterkort was trying to gage - is it possible to
>> determine the version and if so is it worth trying to 'fall back' to ON
>> 3.x? Or are you happy with just requiring users to always be on latest
>> version?

Currently, there is no way to determine the OCCI server version, but
we are including it in OpenNebula 3.8. The verbose mode is supported
in OpenNebula 3.4 and 3.6, so I think it is a fair requirement to use
OpenNebula >= 3.4.

>> 2. In, the reporter
>> (in cc here) mentions something I also noticed about the Machine states.
>> You can only 'destroy' a machine when it is running. At first I thought
>> this was an error - looking at the defined state machine in the
>> opennebula driver:
>> 143   define_instance_states do$
>> 144          .on( :create )$
>> 145        .automatically$
>> 146        .on( :start )$
>> 147        .on( :reboot )$
>> 148       .on( :stop )$
>> 149       .automatically$
>> 150       .on( :destroy )$
>> 151        .automatically$
>> 152   end$
>> Are these states correct? Look at lines 148, 150 for example.
>> After checking
>> it seems
>> that 'destroy only when running' is intended behaviour. Can you please
>> confirm that?
>> Thanks again for your support,
>> marios
> just to add to this issue on states... is it true that there is no
> longer a notion of 'restart'/'reboot' for a running machine... i.e. as
> described in

The documentation you linked in the previous mail is for OpenNebula
3.0. In OpenNebula 3.6 this is the life cycle of a Virtual Machine:

And these are the available actions from OCCI, (the diagram is missing
DONE from any state):

As you can see the actions available through OCCI are limited but you
can 'destroy' a VM from any state and reboot a running VM. The error
is in the state machine in the opennebula driver. This is the state
machine that we use in the server:

I will try to send you an updated state machine tomorrow

BTW, in the patch regarding the verbose param for pools, It should be
also included for instance_type (hardware profiles) requests

If you have further questions do not hesitate to ask me anything.


> thanks, marios
>> On 10/07/12 19:55, wrote:
>>> Hi Daniel, Ruben,
>>> I thought it'd be appropriate to add to this thread and revive the
>>> conversation; we've had a couple of bugs filed recently against the ON
>>> driver; I'd be really grateful if you could have a look:
>>> In particular 257 as I couldn't quite get to the bottom of that one -
>>> but also 258 as my solution imo is just a 'band-aid' - I think these
>>> issues are indicative of a gap between the ON OCCI version the driver
>>> was written for (3.2) and the current version running @
>>> (I assume this is 3.6 from you earlier comments?).
>>> As you guys are obviously the OpenNebula experts - I'd appreciate any
>>> thoughts and comments and also I'd ask whether you had the time to take
>>> a look at the current driver. There's no need for duplication of effort;
>>> otherwise I'll be putting it on my to-do list for the near future.
>>> As always thank you very much for your time and consideration,
>>> all the best, marios
>>> On 04/07/12 14:59, David Lutterkort wrote:
>>>> On Wed, 2012-07-04 at 11:56 +0200, Ruben S. Montero wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> Do you mean back-porting the verbose option to OpenNebula 3.2? In this
>>>>> line, we plan for our short roadmap to include a version API call so
>>>>> clients can get the version of the server and adapt themselves to it.
>>>>> BTW, in  we only support the last stable release, and
>>>>> encourage people to upgrade. The next stable release (3.6) is scheduled
>>>>> next week. This will make OpenNebula 3.2 two versions behind the last
>>>>> stable. So I think we could just update the driver to use verbose mode,
>>>>> throw an exception if the call is not supported.
>>>> I meant: what's the patch that should be committed to the Deltacloud
>>>> driver for OpenNebula ?
>>>> I don't think we should just throw an exception, I'd rather the driver
>>>> is smart enough to fall back to the (slow) way of doing things it's
>>>> doing now if the ON instance doesn't support the verbose query param.
>>>> David

Daniel Molina
Project Engineer
OpenNebula - The Open Source Solution for Data Center Virtualization | | @OpenNebula

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