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Subject [PATCH core 50/51] Core: Updated links and installation instructions in
Date Mon, 21 May 2012 10:07:31 GMT
From: Michal Fojtik <>

Signed-off-by: Michal fojtik <>
 server/ |   12 +++++-------
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)

diff --git a/server/ b/server/
index aacc0af..750ebf7 100644
--- a/server/
+++ b/server/
@@ -6,14 +6,14 @@ Deltacloud protects yourapps from cloud API changes and incompatibilities,
 so you can concentrate on managing cloud instances the way you want.
 You can find more documentation at the Deltacloud web site at:
 Deltacloud Core depends on a number of other Ruby libraries. The easiest
 way to install them is to either install the deltacloud-core package from
-your distribution is repository, e.g. `yum install deltacloud-core` on
+your distribution is repository, e.g. `yum install deltacloud-core-all` on
 Fedora, or install the gem with `gem install deltacloud-core`.
 If you do not want to do that, have a look at the dependencies in the gem
@@ -21,9 +21,7 @@ spec for deltacloud-core and install them manually from git repository:
     $ mkdir deltacloud
     $ cd deltacloud
-    $ git svn init -s
-    $ git svn fetch --log-window-size 10000
-    $ git clone git:// core
+    $ git clone core
@@ -45,7 +43,7 @@ set _format_ to URLs, they should simply set the _Accept_ header appropriately.
 Some operations require authentication. For the mock driver, the username
 and password are *mockuser* and *mockpassword*. A current list of drivers
 and what kind of credentials they need can be found at
-Deltacloud Incubator site (
+Deltacloud Incubator site (
 Happy hacking - and do not forget to send patches to the mailing list (see
 [deltacloud-devel]( or
@@ -54,7 +52,7 @@ You could send patches using `git format-patch master` and then `git send-email
 --thread`. Example _git/.config_ file:
-        to =
+        to =

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