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From Michal Fojtik <>
Subject Re: sitemap - basic structure
Date Thu, 01 Mar 2012 13:14:10 GMT
Hi Dagmar,

First, it's great to see this progress here. I think it's really useful to see our site structure
in this form. My few comments to proposed site structure:

Use the API
	How to use API, install instructions for clients

- I would love to see there also some use-cases (like launching an instance, etc.)
- I would recommend to have single page for every client (not just list them). Each page should
  include link to sources and install instructions (+ contact to author)

  there could be a box titled 'How can I contribute?' with links:
    'Send a patch'
    'Write a provider driver'
    'Write and run a test'
    'Report bug'

- I'm not sure if 'this section is the right place for 'write and run a test'. Tests should
  part of every patch/driver :-)
- I miss something like 'Propose an idea'.
- Writing documentation is another great way how to contribute :-)
- In "report bug' it will be important to tell people why we have Bugzilla and JIRA and Teambox
  and also why we're using all three :)

'API Documentation' (As I see it, this is a source of complex information about API interesting
and relevant mainly for developers. I think it should stay separated from 'Contribute' page
and 'Use the API' page. It seems to me easier this way. If someone needs to see the documentation,
it's right there on the top of the page as well as the link to 'Contribute' page. It would
be much harder to find what you are looking for if these two were hidden in another link.)
		'The Deltacloud Ruby Client'
		'Other HTTP Clients'

- I would love to have 'libdeltacloud' documentation in 'Use the API' section
- Drivers should rename to 'Drivers API'
- Clients should point to 'Use the API' client section.
- Deltacloud Ruby client is one of the 'clients' we have. It is a separate library/gem.
- We (/me) need to work on proper rdoc/yard docs for client.

just my .20 cents ;-)

  -- michal

Michal Fojtik

On Feb 29, 2012, at 10:05 AM, Dagmar Husarova wrote:

> Hi!
> Thanks for your ideas, David. I found them very useful. So I've made a new version of
a site map basic structure. Please, see the attachment and let me know what you think.
>  -- 
> Dagmar Husarova
> Intern | Red Hat. Inc.
> <sitemap2.txt>

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