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From David Lutterkort <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Deltacloud 0.5.0
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 00:30:18 GMT
I am pleased to announce the availability of Apache Deltacloud 0.5.0.

Apache Deltacloud is a RESTful cloud abstraction API. The release
consists both of the API server and a Ruby client.

The release can be found at Gems and RPM's
for Fedora will become available shortly.

Many thanks to all those who contributed patches, reported bugs, and
asked for features.

Overview of the changes for this release:

  * add display of storage volumes to instance view
  * add way to change provider in HTML UI when applicable (JIRA 105)
  * fix attach volume form in HTML UI
  * fix incorrect handling of REQUEST_PATH (affects platforms like passenger)
  * support dynamically generated provider lists for /api/drivers/:id
  * create image: report correct URL in Location header
  * fix parameter validation error when switching drivers (BZ 750920)
  * create instance: validate hardware properties
  * incredibly experimental support for DMTF CIMI
    ( If you run the server with --cimi and
    it breaks, you get to keep both pieces
  * various client fixes
  * deltacloudd: add --webrick to force use of WEBRick
  * Drivers
    + EC2
      - fetch available regions via DescribeRegions
      - add ap-northeast-1, sa-east-1 and us-west-2 regions
      - fix bucket creation when client specifies 'us-east-1' region
        (BZ 725646)
      - t1.micro HWP is available for 32 and 64 bit (JIRA 95)
      - improvements for launching multiple instances (JIRA 79)
    + Google storage
      - fix blob metadata listing
      - properly validate credentials
    + Mock
      - support storgae_volume create/delete
      - fix m1-large HWP to use integral memory size
    + OpenStack
      - new driver
    + Rackspace
      - correctly report bucket size
    + RHEV-M
      - data centers are now treated as completely separate regions. For a
        given provider URL, only the clusters for one datacenter are
      - fix deleting VMs (JIRA 110)
      - preserve details about backend errors
      - create instance: choose image realm when none is specified (JIRA 126)
      - better error msg when floppyinject is not installed (BZ 765855)
    + SBC
       - correctly return the realm for /api/realms/:id (JIRA 106)
    + vSphere
       - fix internal error in reporting of instance addresses
       - find objects (VMs etc.) even for datastores that are in nested
         folders (Alfredo Moralejo)
       - HWP: replace effectiveMemory with hardcoded values (JIRA 123)
       - Reboot of a VM now does a RebootGuest rather than ResetVM_Task


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