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From Jan Provazník <>
Subject hwp max memory value for vshpere driver
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2012 15:38:40 GMT
vshpere driver computes max memory value from effective memory (see,

effectiveMemory value can change in time.

Problem is that conductor fetches hw profiles only once when an account 
is created and uses these cached profiles in future (IOW conductor 
doesn't fetch hwprofile before each instance launch).

see for more details.

So I thought it would be... acceptable to compute max value in memory 
range from totalMemory. I understand the argument that then this value 
is incorrect too because if other instances are running, total memory 
will not be available too.

Other option is to extend DC API to return additional totalMemory but 
this means more changes on conductor side (difficult for 1.0 release).

Any ideas or suggestions?


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