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From "" <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Deltacloud 0.4.1 (incubating)
Date Wed, 12 Oct 2011 11:19:16 GMT
Hi Christian,

thanks for your comments - you're right, the website is pretty
under-updated recently. We've finished a tidying up of the website
content - clearer download/setup instructions, more info for developers
etc but have been holding off on deploying the updated site content
specifically waiting for release 4.0.1. Mainly because the updated site
documents the 'easy' installation of deltacloud using rubygems (i.e. gem
install deltacloud-core) - and this only works because of the updated
.gemfile dependencies in release 4.0.1. (basically, the gemfile outlines
all 'runtime' gems - especially the ones that deltacloud uses to talk to
the cloud providers like aws).

I just checked and we haven't yet pushed the updated
deltacloud-core gem (4.0.1); this should happen in the next few
hours/day. Once that is done I will also deploy the updated site content.

One the new gem is pushed to, you'll be able to get the
latest release by:

  gem install deltacloud-core

For now, you can get the release at the - I take your point
about the mirroring system.

If you have the time/interest, you can use the git mirror to get the
sources+build the latest:

mkdir DeltacloudProject; cd DeltacloudProject
git clone git://
cd ./deltacloud/server
rake package
sudo gem install ./pkg/deltacloud-core-0.4.1.gem

We also have a github page which mirrors the apache repo at if you prefer github.

As I say, the 4.0.1 will be deployed to rubygems very soon - once that
happens 'gem install deltacloud-core' will give you the latest release
and all its dependencies,

all the best, marios

On 12/10/11 12:13, Christian Grobmeier wrote:
> David,
> congratulations to the new release.
> Just a comment.... I cannot see the new release on the website:
> Should't it be updated together with the release?
> Then I think it is not very good to send the /dist folder link around,
> because to my knowledge it is bypassing the mirror system. Instead we
> usually use some kind of download page generator.
> At your website:
> I read nothing of how to get the release. Instead I am send to
> fedorahost for the code.
> Cheers
> Christian
> On Tue, Oct 11, 2011 at 11:47 PM, David Lutterkort <> wrote:
>> I am pleased to announce the availability of Apache Deltacloud 0.4.1.
>> Apache Deltacloud is a RESTful cloud abstraction API. The release
>> consists both of the API server and a Ruby client.
>> The release can be found at
>> Gems and RPM's
>> for Fedora will become available shortly.
>> Many thanks to all those who contributed patches, reported bugs, and
>> asked for features. It's great to see that the list of committers and
>> patch contributors is steadily increasing.
>> Overview of the changes for this release:
>>  * change how dependencies are managed: canonical deps are now in the
>>    gemspecs
>> Server:
>>  * clarify how user_data injection should work; make sure all drivers
>>    accept base64 encoded data and make the decoded version available to
>>    instance
>>  * fix URL generation so that server works when run behind a reverse proxy
>>  * init script: honor defaults from sysconfig file
>>  * init script: fix 'status', properly background deltacloudd
>>  * deltacloudd: support verbose option
>>  * Drivers:
>>    + Condor
>>      - use UUIDTools instead of UUID to simplify deps
>>    + Google
>>      - new driver for Google storage API
>>    + RHEV-M
>>      - treat status as case-insensitive
>>      - inject data through a virtual floppy rather than modifying
>>        the instance storage directly
>>    + vSphere
>>      - report minimum of max memory across all hosts in a data center, so
>>        that instances can be placed on any host
>>      - user_data is placed in file 'deltacloud-user-data.txt'
>> Client:
>>  * fix parsing of enums in HWP properties
>>  * fix handling of float value for number of vCPU in HWP
>> David
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