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Subject Update dependencies, .gemspec Gemfile rc2
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2011 11:45:34 GMT

Attempt #2 at fixing the dependency situation. As with original patch, .gemspec is now self
contained with everything you need to actually run deltacloud (including the cloud provider
gems). Gemfile now includes the gemspec, and adds the dependencies for developers. I like
the division:  .gemspec is 'runtime' and Gemfile is 'development'.
Difference in this patch is that the dependencies are for ruby 1.8.7 - supporting ruby 1.8.6
is no longer feasible - too many gems are dropping support for this and trying to constrain
gem versions was too unstable.

So to install deltacloud as a user 'sudo gem install deltacloud-core' will get you everything
you need to work with all cloud providers. To develop, 'bundle install --system' will get
you everything in the .gemspec, as well as the development deps in the Gemfile.

With this in mind please check that the versions here are sane - nothing exploding/complaining/broken.
If happy, I commit and then our the next gem we release (in theory 0.4 soon) will come with
'everything' (ie gem install will give users all dependencies),


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