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From "" <>
Subject Deltacloud dependencies
Date Wed, 31 Aug 2011 16:22:50 GMT
Writing docs and unless I've missed something I think we have issues 
with our dependencies. We have a .gemspec as well as a Gemfile (this 
isn't the problem per say...).

The Gemfile is fine and lists dependencies comprehensively, including 
for all the external gems required to talk to the cloud providers (like 
'aws', 'cloudfiles' etc). If you are setting up a dev environment and 
building the gem, you can use 'bundle install --system' and you get 
everything. All good.

However, the .gemspec only lists dependencies for the gems required to 
run the deltacloud server (like 'sinatra', 'thin' etc). This means that 
if you are just looking to download/use deltacloud and do a 'sudo gem 
install deltacloud-core' you don't get the gems for talking to the cloud 
providers. This will mean that 'deltacloudd -i ec2' gives a scary error 
message about missing stuff. Not good for someone just trying out 
deltacloud to see if its worth looking into.


A) Add Gemfile dependencies to the .gemspec:

require 'bundler' do |s|
... (all the other dependencies and author, name etc)

Problem with this approach is: 1) it adds a dependency for bundler, 
before you can build/install the gem (no biggie really since our gemspec 
already requires 'rake'). 2) 'add_bundler_dependencies' seems to have 
been deprecated 3) 
Gemfile has cloud provider dependencies in groups, and 
add_bundler_dependencies doesn't include those

B) Add a full list of dependencies to the .gemspec like here 
but then does that make Gemfile redundant?

I like B. What do other people think? Perhaps there isn't a problem? For 
example, we can augment the Download instructions with text along the 
lines of 'once you've installed deltacloud, you need to install gem X to 
talk to cloud provider Y' but I think thats really counterproductive - 
the whole point is to make getting and using deltacloud easy.


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