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Subject Fix breaks in blob creation via html interface
Date Fri, 19 Aug 2011 12:42:28 GMT

  Replace 'blob' with 'blob_id' in html create blob operation (POST), API docs and in the
new blob html form itself. 
  Thanks to Chris Lalancette for bringing up this API compatibility issue (

  Commit 68191e462dac8b1aaa4ba15e261a83a130888755 added the :new operation to collection and
removed the explicit routes from server.rb for getting 'new' html forms, like for creating
a new blob. These were replaced by 'new' operations under the collections themselves. For
blobs, the 'new_blob' operation had a typo - was called 'new_bucket'. 
  However, after fixing this I still had to define an explicit 'get /api/buckets/:bucket/new_blob'
route for getting the 'new_blob' form. There is already a route 'get /api/buckets/:bucket/:blob'
for getting blob details and this caused a name clash; the route 'get /api/buckets/:bucket/new_blob'
was triggering the retrieval of details about the blob called 'new_blob' rather than giving
the html form.

Patch 3/3
  Fixes creation of new blob form to work with the new jquery mobile interface. The blob metadata
was not getting captured correctly due to the extra <div data-role => :fieldcontain>
wrappers so I removed these. Also, there is apparently an issue with jquery, ajax and uploading
of files  - after a couple hours of frustrated head-meet-wall I found this:
 So I disabled ajax for this particular form and now functionality is restored,


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