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From Chris Lalancette <>
Subject Re: REST API docs - IN PROGRESS and request for comments
Date Tue, 19 Jul 2011 15:46:45 GMT
On 07/15/11 - 06:56:31PM, wrote:
> This patch contains the *still in progress* documentation update for the deltacloud website.
I haven't been able to finish the docs by the deadline I set myself (today) - the process
is much more time consuming than I expected. I am invoking every API call with curl so that
i can accurately capture request/response; this is also exposing issues with the API (e.g.
the response codes for blob metadata that I sent a patch for).
> This is *entirely* a request for initial comments and will not be committed. I've transferred
the existing deltacloud REST API (that we submitted to DMTF CMWG) to .mdown format. You need
to run 'webby' in /path/to/deltacloud/site and then the REST API can be seen at /path/to/deltacloud/site/output/api2.html.
The most complete section and which should be used for making comments is '4.3 Blob Storage'.
It contains 'example requests' and 'server response' for every available API call. 

I know this isn't particular to this patchset, but I figure this is a good time
to point this out.

For the Aeolus project, we've been in touch with the author of webby, and he
has more-or-less abandoned the project.  At the time he wrote it a couple of
years ago, there wasn't a great solution, and webby worked for him.  However,
in the intervening time a couple of other frameworks have come about, and webby
has not been kept up-to-date.  The webby author now recommends nanoc, which is
still in active maintenance and seems to have more of a community than webby.

Just FYI.

Chris Lalancette

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