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From "" <>
Subject Re: Deltacloud firewall deletion
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2011 12:57:46 GMT
Hi Chris,

On 23/06/11 22:26, Chris Lalancette wrote:
> Hey Marios,
>       I was taking a quick look today at the firewall code in deltacloud, and

thanks for taking the time to do that

> I noticed one oddity.
>       Currently it looks like the way to delete a firewall rule is to
> DELETE /api/firewalls/:firewall/rule, and setting the rule_id to the rule you
> want to delete.  But isn't it more idiomatic to do something like:
> DELETE /api/firewalls/:firewall/:rule_id

yes, you are right and I agree with you. In fact my first revision of 
firewalls did exactly that, by explicitly defining the rule "delete 
'/api/firewalls/:firewall/:rule' do" in server.rb. In the next revision 
however I moved this rule into the Firewalls collection in order to take 
advantage of the rabbit DSL - auto generation of documentation, 
validation of params etc.

I haven't tinkered around with Rabbit enough to know off-hand whether 
its worth trying to implement the original functionality (DELETE 
/:firewall/:rule_id) there (Michal?). If not then I suggest we just 
restore the original rule and don't use Rabbit for this particular case. 


> ?  For instance, this seems to be the way that the deletion of blobs in buckets
> happens, and it just seems like an easier way to go.  I thought I would mention
> it before we release the next version of deltacloud and this gets frozen in
> stone.
> Thanks,

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