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Subject Andre Dietisheim updated java client
Date Tue, 31 May 2011 10:44:10 GMT

Ok, since theres been a lot of minor nits/updates/squishes/rebases/edits etc I need to get
a final ACK from Andre on this before I can push. From here all of this compiles clean so
*should* be ok but I'd be happier with a final check from the author. 

Andre can you please do the following to check:

1. make a 'clean' deltacloud local repo:

mkdir TEMP; cd TEMP; git clone git:// 

2. make a working branch for the patch:

cd deltacloud; git checkout -b java_client

3. apply the patch. First save the patch email somewhere. If you are using a client like thunderbird,
you can right_click/save-as and save it in 'eml' format. Alternatively, save it as .txt in
text format

Applying '.eml' format:   git am /path/to/saved/patch.eml


Applying '.txt. format: cat /path/to/saved/patch.txt | git apply

apart from any messages from git apply or git am, you can check this has all been ok by the
presence of your ./clients/java directory

4. check, compile, run, etc, etc. IF all is in order, then just ack this patch and I will

thanks, marios

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