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From Matt Wagner <>
Subject Updates to .spec files; return 201 from all create methods
Date Thu, 07 Apr 2011 23:03:57 GMT
Hi all,

Today I tried to test Aeolus Conductor against the 0.3.0 version of
deltacloud. I ran into a few hurdles along the way and am sending a
patch for what I fixed to get things up and running. The two patches are
independent of each other.

The first patch updates version numbering to 0.3.0 and fixes the errors
that kept me from building RPMs. I hope this is helpful and complete,
but please note that I'm not terribly familiar with the process, so
please don't assume that my updated .spec files are flawless.

The second patch changes server.rb to return a 201 status for all create
methods, because it appears that this is expected by the client (see
client/lib/deltacloud.rb:303-305). I ran into this issue with creating
keys; an exception was raised by the new client because a 200 was sent
instead of a 201. Because of this, I added a simple test case for
creating keys to ensure that a 201 is returned.


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