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Subject Initial RackSpace unit tests
Date Thu, 24 Mar 2011 13:39:13 GMT

This patch will enable a quick unit test for Rackspace driver.
It tests all collections and instance creation and management.

How can I run tests?

1. Edit "tests/drivers/rackspace/setup.rb" and put your Rackspace credentials here
2. Run: rake test:rackspace

How much it will cost?

With tests you launch *1* instance in Rackspace for ~1 minute and this instance will
be destroyed with another test.
In case this test suite fail, I recommending to look into your Rackspace account
and destroy created instance manually.

What about Mock tests?

Yes, they are still here: rake test:mock

PS: Additionally this patch fixing an issue I found in Rackspace driver during my work. When
you query
    for non-existing instance id it throwed an 500 error with Exception. I replaced it with
404, which is
    correct HTTP code for this case.

    Also I removed unnecessary call to images when you're starting new instance. Image ID
is passed throught
    param[:image_id] and additional checking here is not needed.

  -- Michal

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