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From Eric Woods <>
Subject Re: [QUESTION] Alternative way how to use Deltacloud
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2011 19:41:19 GMT
At its heart, Deltacloud is about providing a single API to access resources on multiple cloud
providers.  Making Deltacloud's core engine more consumable (via native language bindings
in addition to HTTP) will only help that goal.  Plus, offering a single-hop option to leverage
Deltacloud improves performance and convenience (no need to set up a DC server).

- Eric W.

On Feb 14, 2011, at 10:41 PM, Doug Davis wrote:

> David Lutterkort <> wrote on 02/14/2011 08:23:37 PM:
> ...
>>> It seems to me like a way how 'fog' or 'libcloud' is going and I'm not 
> sure
>>> if we want to support this way as well.
>> I don't want to go that way - we should stress that the value of
>> Deltacloud lies in (a) the REST API and (b) that all the heavy lifting
>> is done on the server, keeping the clients very simple.
> David,
>  can you elaborate on this?  What's the benefit of the REST API?  It 
> would
> seem to me that the benefit is the abstraction layer above all of the 
> providers
> regardless of whether its being presented via REST, Ruby, Java, or 
> whatever.
> IMO, what people are looking for is the ability to talk to multiple 
> providers
> with minimal specialization code.  Seems to me that offering them the 
> choice
> of an http-hop model vs a client-side-adapter model should be left up to 
> the
> client to decide.  Not everyone likes or can support a multi-hop model.
> Either way, let them make the choice but whatever they choose give them 
> the 
> benefits of the DeltaCloud engine.
> thanks,
> -Doug

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