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Subject Get and Set user metadata for blobs
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2011 20:05:36 GMT

This patch adds get and set (user defined) blob metadata where supported - MSFT Azure and
Rackspace Cloudfiles: 

Get blob metadata: HEAD /api/buckets/myBucket/myBlob

First of all, is HEAD the right approach here? We could for instance do something like GET
/api/buckets/myBucket/myBlob/metadata. For HEAD and as per rfc 2616 (section 9.5) we do NOT
return a message-body - instead the blob metadata is reported in the response headers (X-Deltacloud-Blobmeta-KEY:VALUE)

Set blob metadata: POST /api/buckets/myBucket/myBlob

Again here I do not return a response body but rather report the new blob metadata in the
response headers. This is another thing up for discussion; we could for instance make a seperate
call to request the (now updated) blob and return that in the response body?

Note: if you intend to test the Azure driver 
There was an ommission in the azure gem (latest 1.0.3) which caused problems with setting
metadata. I've made the fix and issued a pull request to the author (
). I don't know how long it will take for the change to be pulled in so if you'd like to use
this functionality beforehand then you can use my fork at: git://
(git clone this).


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