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From Eric Woods <>
Subject IBM SBC Driver Available
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2011 22:51:31 GMT
Hi All,

As promised, I've submitted a patch for the IBM SBC driver to JIRA:

The patch is fully functional but has a few remaining (minor) todos.  I'd like to reach out
for help on two issues:

1) sbc_client.rb:180:  For error handling, I raise Deltacloud:BackendErrors with error codes
& messages that align with IBM's cloud.  These attributes are always ignored and the client
sees a 500 Internal Server Error.  Is this the expected (generic) behavior, or should the
client see error codes & messages specific to each cloud provider?  Perhaps this could
be a standardization opportunity.

2) sbc_driver.rb:198: While converting each IBM instance to DeltaCloud's instances, I construct
the an InstanceProfile by passing a HardwareProfile's name (the hardware profiles are defined
at the bottom of the driver).  However, InstanceProfile does not to correctly lookup the corresponding
HardwareProfile by name.  The InstanceProfile's id is set correctly, but cpu, storage, memory,
and architecture are all null.  I can't find what I'm doing wrong or different from the other

Help with these issues and technical feedback is very appreciated.  Thanks!

- Eric W.
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