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Subject Fix driver switching issues in rabbit
Date Sat, 22 Jan 2011 00:02:51 GMT

The changes that switch drivers dynamically based on request headers missed
one important area where we need to defer certain decisions to request
time: the rabbit DSL.

The problem there was that some decisions that depend on the driver were
made when the server first started, using whatever driver was configured in
the environment. This led to odd behavior when clients kept switching back
and forth between drivers - thanks to Ben Browning for discovering this.

This series of patches makes sure we never reference a driver outside of a
request (and should make it reasonably hard to get at one unless inside a
request) This means that some decisions within rabbit are deferred to
request time, in particular which collections/operations to support and
computing which parameters an operation accepts, since that depends on the
driver and its features.

Please give these patches a spin, since I would like to commit them on
Monday and make a release.


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