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Subject Added support for launching multiple instance at once (EC2)
Date Wed, 19 Jan 2011 14:14:52 GMT

First patch will add a new feature (currently only EC2 supports that)
for launching multiple instances in instance create call.

Using 'instance_count' param you can choose how many instance will be
creating using properties you choosed (image, hwp, realm).

Sadly, there is support for that in GoGrid, Rackspace or RHEV-M API AFAIK.
(If i'm wrong please correct me ;)

Second patch is really minor, since I added new text input in 
launch instance screen, it becomes look very messy, so I cleaned
up layout a little bit.

Also I replaced 'realm' in instances list screen with hardware profile,
which I think is much more usefull for tester/developer IMHO.

  -- Michal

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