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From Sang-Min Park <>
Subject RE: Eucalyptus and dynamic switching of driver/provider
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2010 22:30:22 GMT
They go through separate endpoints. The endpoint for compute (EC2 api) has
a form:

And the endpoint for storage(Walrus, which exposes S3 API) has a form:

We use the same environment variable as EC2 to expose the URL (e.g.,
The rightscale's aws gem was able to speak to Eucalyptus and I recently
tested 'aws' gem and confirmed it speak to Eucalyptus without changes.

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From: David Lutterkort []
Sent: Thursday, December 16, 2010 2:20 PM
Cc: Sang-Min Park
Subject: Eucalyptus and dynamic switching of driver/provider

Hi Sang-Min,

Since we are going through some pain with (a) rewriting the EC2 driver
and (b) making it possible to select the driver and endpoint
dynamically, I was wondering if you could explain what the best approach
for Eucalyptus is.

IOW, with Eucalyptus, do storage and compute requests go through the
same endpoint, so that users could set
API_PROVIDER= and be done or are there separate
endpoints for compute and storage ?


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